Orbital Welding Machines

Orbital welding systems are normally used when the welding work required needs to be precise and repetitive. These systems are designed with a computer that contains programs for carrying out different kinds of welds automatically, which allows it to perform welds with minimal error.

Using very specialized equipment, the metal pieces are held steady while the weld heads are mechanically rotated around the pipes to perform a nice and continuous weld. The orbital welding systems typically use Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welding to perform the circumferential welds.

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Advantages of Using Orbital Welding Machines

  • Repeatability

    Because the entire procedure is highly automated, the welding process can be repeated very efficiently and effectively. This is perfect for projects that require welds to be produced in large quantities uniformly.

  • Better quality

    These automatic welding machines also provide higher quality welds as compared to manual processes. Whether a quality weld can be achieved is dependent on the knowledge and technical skills of the welder.

    With orbital welding machines, the welder just needs to set precise parameters to achieve the perfect outcome.

  • Enhanced workplace safety

    Orbital welding machines can be used in places that are otherwise dangerous for manual welders. Thus, using these automated equipment greatly reduces the risk for workers.

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